Lesson 3 Assignment 2 “Chemical Castration”

Is chemical castration an appropriate ‘treatment’ for sex offenders? Why or why not?

At first, I believed that chemical castration was an appropriate treatment for sex offenders who committed the crime more than once, but then I read the USATODAY article and it changed my mind. I believe that sex offenders have psychological problems, especially if they can’t contain themselves and do it more than once. Chemical castration may help with part of the issue, but I agree that instead of jail time, they should go to a high security mental facility. You would think that sexual offenders would learn their lesson after spending a significant time in jail, but that is not the case. Many sexual offenders are repeat offenders.

Is it a treatment or a punishment? Explain your thinking.

I think that chemical castration is more of a treatment than a punishment. Chemical castration only reduces the criminals sex drive, and does not harm them in any other way. I think that jail time is more of a punishment than chemical castration.

Do convicted criminals have a right to privacy, or do they forfeit this right when they commit a crime?

I believe that convicted criminals, especially sex offenders, forfeit their right to privacy when they commit a crime. Opponents of chemical castration argue that the law is a serious infringement on the right to privacy, in particular the right to control one’s own body. The way I look at it is that the sex offender imposed on someone else’s privacy, and performed unwanted acts to another individual without their consent. So why do they deserve to keep their privacy when they can’t do that to others?

Should voluntary requests for castration be honored? In exchange for a lighter sentence?

If a sex offender voluntarily requests castration to be performed, I think that it should be honored because it is their choice. I don’t believe it should be honored in exchange for a lighter prison sentence. In the case of Ricardo Garcia, obviously he would choose to be castrated over going to prison for life. No one wants to spend the rest of their life in prison. Criminals who deserve life in prison for their crimes should never get the option to choose something else for a lighter sentence. That would be taking the “easy way out” and criminals do not deserve those kind of options.

What would someone who holds the Utilitarian position say about this?

I think that they would agree with chemical castration because it is promoting the least suffering for the greatest amount of people. There are more victims to sexual assault then their are sex offenders who will receive chemical castration.



3 thoughts on “Lesson 3 Assignment 2 “Chemical Castration”

  1. I like the point you made in your post that they have psychological problems, and maybe a mental facility would help. Reading about chemical castration, it was said that this would not be a permanent process, so I like your point that there are alternate options out there and I do think mental facilities would be one of them. Do you think if they are in a mental facility they should then be punished with chemical castration as well?

  2. I strongly disagree with the fact that you think its treatment as opposed to punishment. How can something be considered a treatment if its forced upon someone? Also, when dealing with hormones- theres always other side effects. Just like when women use birth control, theres an increased risk for a variety of things. Not to mention, it wouldn’t solve the foundation of the problem, which would be the mental issues you mentioned. I agree that they should be sent to a mental facility. And these people repeatedly offend because the root of the problem isn’t addressed the first time. In regards to your opinion on privacy, I’m going to present you with a point: a large percentage of the individuals who are sex offenders were sexually abused themselves. How can you take privacy from someone who was primarily a victim? I’m not saying they should be excused, but should their personal business be flaunted because they couldn’t cope with the crimes committed against them? And you stated that they should be sent to mental facilities- mental facilities treat a mental illness which is medical- you don’t think they have the right to keep their medical records private either? I don’t mean to attack you, obviously this is a very, very controversial issue and we’re all going to have different opinions, each respectable.

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