Lesson 4 Assignment 2: GloFish

Do fish have rights? Do other animals have rights?  Give examples in your answer.

Fish and other animals obviously don’t have the same rights as human beings but they 100 % deserve the right to not be harmed for no reason or be treated cruelly. There are laws that protect fish and other animals for a reason. Animals, including fish, all feel pain just like human beings do. If humans can’t be genetically engineered then animals shouldn’t be either.

Is genetically altering an animal wrong?  How is it different from genetically altering a human being?

Genetically altering an animal is absurd, especially if it is for amusement purposes like the GloFish. The food industry has changed so much due to genetically modified foods and animals. There is a lot of controversy around GMOs, especially the fact that they are not labeled. Grocery stores in the U.S are filled with GMOs, which are banned in many other countries. They have not been proven safe for humans to consume. They say the purpose of GMOs are to feed our population at cheap prices, but why are they banned in other countries? I believe that genetically modifying anything for consumption or amusement purposes is wrong. Genetically modifying a human being would be a lot more extreme.  

Assess the ‘playing God’ argument.  Do you agree or disagree with it?

Everything on this planet was created for a reason. There is a complete natural cycle of life and the creation of genetically engineered animals disrupts that. I do not believe that anyone should have the right to create a genetically modified animal or plant. I think the saying ‘playing God’ means that something is being created that has never existed before. I strongly disagree with genetic engineering. No organism should be changed or created unnaturally. It’s just not right.

Does the fact the GloFish were designed for amusement not for some higher purpose, make a moral difference? What would constitute higher purposes?

I think that it does make a moral difference because they do not have a higher purpose. The higher purpose for genetically modifying food that we eat is to feed a large population at cheap prices. The purpose for GloFish are only for entertainment. The fact that they could be a danger to the environment makes it even worse. They should definitely stop making GloFish.

MULTI-MEDIA:  Include a picture of a creature that you do not think have any ‘rights’ and should not be included into our moral considerations.   Explain why you selected it.

ImageI chose a picture of dandilions because even though it is a living organism, it doesn’t have rights like humans and animals. Plants can’t feel pain even though they are living.


3 thoughts on “Lesson 4 Assignment 2: GloFish

  1. I love your point that if humans can’t be altered then why should animals. That is such a true statement, and the fact that they are doing this just for the amusement of humans is a problem in and of itself. I think that is a great point that living things vary depending on their brain levels. and that your picture of plants helps us to realize that they maybe living but they dont think and act like any type of animals.

  2. Yes, about the GMO and we sill consume those foods. Animals (chicken, cows, pigs) are also given growth hormones and we still buy that meat for human food. They might even cause cancer in humans. Why are those morally acceptable but not the ‘innocent’ gloFish experiment?

  3. I liked the point you had with your picture. I agree that an animal is a living organism but it does not feel any pain and suffering so it does not have the same rights as a human or a animal but still deserves to be protected. You have a lot of good points and I enjoy reading your post!!! GOOD JOB!!

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