Final Project Part I: First Reaction

At first, I though How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia was going to be absolutely boring. As I started reading, I realized it wasn’t going to be so horrible. I actually ended up enjoying the book. They way it was written was very interesting and to the point. I like how it didn’t drag on, even though some parts jumped to the future quite rapidly which kind of threw me off at some points.

Even though the book takes place in a different culture, anyone can relate to it in some way. In the beginning, the character lived in poverty and througout the book, his quality of life got better and better. His goal was to be rich and he achieved that goal. I think the point of the book is to prove that a person can come from nothing and work their way up to the top. The other main point I believe the book makes is that getting rich isn’t all it’s made to be. The main character became rich, which he worked his whole life for, but ended up losing it in the end. He didn’t have a wife and he had a son that moved far away from him. I thought that he was going to end up completely alone, but I was happy when he ended up spending the end of his life with the “pretty girl.” No one wants to die lonely.


2 thoughts on “Final Project Part I: First Reaction

  1. I judged the book when I first picked it up too, and did not think it was as boring as I pictured it to be. How do you think the set up of the chapters effected the book? Or how the characters were not named? I thought this was a very interesting part of the book because it let us use our own imagination as the readers!

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