Final Project Part II


First list:  Make a list of situations in the book that are morally considered right and those are considered wrong (according to you).

-It was morally wrong when the parents had sex in the room with their children there.
-It was morally wrong when the teacher punished the main character for correcting him at school.
-It was morally wrong when the ex wife’s brother ran away with the main character’s money from the company he established.
-It was morally wrong when the main character worked for the guy that took expired food, changed the label and resold it.
-It was morally wrong with the main character’s rival hired a guy to threaten him.
-It was morally wrong for the body guard to kill the guy that threatened the main character even though he was dangerous.
-It was morally wrong when someone robbed the pretty girl’s store and hit her assistant causing her to die.
-It was morally right when the father took his family to the city with them to give them a better life.
-It was morally right when the matriarch payed for the mother’s treatment when she got cancer.
-It was morally right when the main character let his dad live with him and took care of him.
-It was morally right when the main character’s ex-wife and son came to see him when he was sick in the hospital.

Second list:  Make a list of characters from the book you would consider virtuous, good characters and list those that are not.  And say why?

-When it comes to the main character, it is hard to decide what he would be considered. I would say that he was both good and bad. He didn’t make the best decisions while he was trying to become rich. He also married a women and didn’t pay any attention to her because he couldn’t get the pretty girl out of his mind. At the same time, he cared for his family tremendously.
-I don’t think the pretty girl was very good. She wasn’t good when it came to being with men just to get the things she wanted and to get rich. I think she was pretty selfish.
-The father was good because he moved his family to the city so they could have a better life. He did his best to take care of them.
-The pretty girls father was not good. He was an alcoholic and did not do anything to help or support his family. Instead he just took from them and used all his money towards gambling.
-The main character’s wife/ ex-wife was a good character because she tried her best to make the marriage better. Even though her husband didn’t want anything to do with her, she didn’t give other guys attention until after they split up. She also went to visit the main character in the hospital when he was sick.
-The ex-wife’s brother was not a good character because he ran away with the main character’s money from the company and left him to deal with the police.

Third list:  Make a list of events or occasions from the book that you believe would cause pleasure and those that you think would cause suffering for some or many people.

-When the main characters wife tries to make their marriage better but he pays very little attention to her.
-When the main character’s family members passed away.
-The fact that the main character clearly loved the pretty girl but she never wanted to settle down.
When the main character was punished for correcting the teacher and being smart.
The fact that the pretty girls father didn’t care about his family and was an alcoholic.

-When the main character and the pretty girl had sex for the first time on the roof.
-When the main character was able to go to school.
-When the main character stole the pretty girl DVD’s because she loved watching them.
Whenever the pretty girl would call the main character.
When the main character spent time with his son.
When the pretty girl became a successful model.
When the main character was able to get his own house.
When the main character and the pretty girl spent the end of their lives together.


4 thoughts on “Final Project Part II

  1. We both considered the same things to be right and wrong except for two things. You thought it was morally wrong for the parents to have sex while their children were in the room and I thought about that but I did not put it because I was not sure whether that was a moral problem. The other difference was you added that it was morally wrong for the man to work for the guy who sold expired food. I think that is a really good point and I didn’t even think to add it! We both had the same characters and the same reasoning. I liked how you added that when the man and the pretty girl talked on the phone it caused them pleasure.

  2. We had a lot of the same things on our lists. I think it is interesting how you put that school caused the man pleasure even though he never finished and he was punished for being smart. It seems to me that he felt the more pleasure by working because it allowed him to earn money (which is what he wanted). But school did give him the knowledge that he applied to getting rich; just a different way to look at it. Good post!

  3. When I first started reading the book and saw that they had sex infront of the children I was shocked. That is absolutely morally wrong and I think everybody should make sure that they list that under that section of this assignment. It was interesting to see how many things in the book brought happiness/sadness and things that were right/wrong. You did a great job at explaining this section of the project. We shared many views.

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