Lesson 6 Assigntment 2

What is your culture?  What is your closets community?  How does your culture and community influence who you are?

I am American. My ancestors come from many other places but for the most part I have an italian background. I have a big loud italian family and I love it. The best part about it are the holidays and family get togethers. I would consider my closets community my family and friends. I think that my culture and community have a big influence on who I am, especially my family. My parents have given me such a great life and have taught me so much. They definitely helped shape who I am today.

What are the THREE most important values you hold?  How are they influenced by your culture or community?

The three most important values I hold are honesty, respect, and to not expect things.

First of all, even if I wanted to lie about something, I’m absolutely horrible at it. Everyone tells little lies here and there but I would say I am a very honest person. I would rather hear the truth than be lied to and I think everyone would agree. There are some situations where lying is better than telling the truth, but those situations are very rare. By respect, I mean treat others the way you would want to be treated. If a person is disrespectful, it is a huge turn off. Last, I try not to have too many expectations because expectations leads to disappointment. If you’re always expecting things and they end up not happening, it’s a lot more disappointing than if you weren’t even expecting it in the first place. It is hard to do that all the time but I try my best.

What’s your ethics?  Given what we’ve discussed this semester, and all these different situations, moral perspectives, and philosophers  — WHERE DO YOU STAND?

I mostly agree with Aristotle and the fact that everyone’s ultimate goal is happiness. No matter what we do in life, it either makes us happy or unhappy. I believe that being a good person and doing the best I can at everything makes me happy. I always try to do what is best. In the end, everyone wants to live their life to the fullest and be happy.

MULTI-MEDIA: Include a picture that represents YOUR cultural community or your overall MORAL viewpoint. Discuss briefly why you selected it.




I chose the picture of the American Flag because it is my country and culture, and I chose the family and friends image because they are what I consider my closets communities.


One thought on “Lesson 6 Assigntment 2

  1. It seems like we have very similar values when it comes to life. Although I did not think about it in my own life, I think learning to not expect things can be so important. I used to do this so much in my life, but as I grew older, I feel like I have really grown out of having too many expectations. I completely agree that it is really hard to do, but also agree that it is very important. We never really think about it as kids, or at least I never did, but growing up I think we need to not build ourselves up because there is always the chance that we could end up disappointed.

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