Final Project Part 3

Out of all the concepts and ideas of morality we have learned, I believe that happiness is the main point of How To Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia. The main characters, which are the man and the pretty girl, did what they thought would make them happy in the end. The two philosophers that have opinions on happiness are Aristotle and Kant. Aristotle believed that the everyone’s ultimate goal in life is happiness. Kant also believed that happiness is everyone’s main goal, but he believed that happiness came with also helping others achieve happiness.

The man’s main goal in the book was to become rich. I believe that become rich only made the man temporarily happy. When he became rich, he also helped his family out. In the end, I believe what made him truly happy was being with the pretty girl. At the end of the book, he lost all of his fortune, but was able to spend the end of his life with the pretty girl. The pretty girl’s main goal in the book was to become a successful fashion model, which she also achieved. In the end, she was also robbed, just like the man. I believe that what made the pretty girl and the man truly happy in the end was having each other. The book teaches us that having money and other things isn’t what makes us truly happy, it’s having someone special to share our lives with.

This book is unlike any other book I have read. I’ve never read a book where you don’t know any of the characters names. I believe the author did that so people could think of themselves as the characters in the book. The situations he uses in the book are relatable to a lot of people. The language of the book was very realistic. Pretty much every chapter was based upon some type of life lesson. The moral idea that I can connect to this book is that everyone has different ideas of happiness.

To me, the moral value of this book is that money, fame, and fortune don’t necessarily bring people happiness. There is no point on working your whole life away just for money, when in the end, it will be taken from you anyways.


One thought on “Final Project Part 3

  1. I too believe that Aristotle is the philosopher who most directly relates to the book. i didn’t think of saying more than one philosopher because I felt that he had the strongest connection. I am glad that you stated Kant in yours because I didn’t consider him even as an option when I was writing my response. He did believe that happiness was everybody’s main goal (like Aristotle), but believed helping others achieve happiness was of equal importance too. I like the thesis you stated because I feel like since the book was title had to get filthy rich, I think it is important in the thesis to explain how little importance money actually is.

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